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CP Syllabus

CP Chemistry Syllabus  
Due Date: 12/13/2018
Subject: Chemistry

                          CP Chemistry Syllabus



Teacher: Mr. Plottel                               Email:


Website:        Phone: (706) 935-2254




Materials Needed:




Three ring binder with 3 dividers (one for homework, one for notes,


one for warm ups) - you should have a folder only for chemistry!  


Notebook paper


Paper towels or a box of tissues for Mole Bucks (Mole Bucks = extra points!)


Lab donation - $10 for chemicals and lab equipment




Class Rules


* Follow directions                                  

* Stay on task                

* Practice verbal and physical control

* Bring all materials to class






It is important that you are here each day in order to keep up with the material. The Catoosa County Student Handbook policy will be upheld which states that students who miss more than 6 days will fail the class.

If students arrive at school after 8:10, students should get an Admit before coming to class. Tardy Policy: 1st offence - warning by teacher, 2nd offence - warning by teacher, 3rd offense - detention, 4th offense - detention, 5th offense - Saturday school, 6th offense – 3 days ISS (pull Parking Permit), 7 + offenses – 3 days ISS (other consequences)




Semester Grade


The semester grade is determined as follows: each nine weeks grade counts 42.5% of the overall grade with the comprehensive final exam counting 15%. Tests count 50% and Daily Work (quizzes and labs) count 50% of the nine weeks grade. Your grade in chemistry will be posted on Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You may be exempt from the final if you have an A average and 3 absences, B average and 2 absences, or C average and 1 absence. Therefore, you are rewarded if you are here every day!!!








Homework will be assigned every night. Chemistry is a challenging class which requires a lot of independent practice. Each nine weeks your homework will be averaged and will count as one test grade. Missed homework assignments will be treated as follows:

1 missed homework - a zero for that homework and a warning.

2 missed homeworks - a zero for that homework and a warning.

3 missed homeworks - a zero for that homework and your parents will be called.

5 missed homeworks - a zero for that homework, your parents will be called, and an administrator will be notified.

Homework is very important to your success in Chemistry! * If completed, it will also fulfill the state literacy requirement for 50 pages of technical writing (see below).*






Unit tests will consist of the following parts: vocabulary, math problems, and previous material. Tests will count 50 % of the nine weeks grade. Missed tests due to absences will consist of essay/constructed response questions and can only be taken before or after school as scheduled by your teacher.


If a student receives a non-passing grade for missing too many problems on a test, the student can make up the test each Wednesday after school (or by appointment). If the student makes up the test at the first tutoring session, the student can get a maximum grade of 78/C. If the student makes up the test at the second tutoring session, the student can get a maximum grade of 74/C. If the student makes up the test at the third tutoring session, the student can get a maximum grade of 70/D. If the student has not made up the test after the third tutoring session, the student will receive the grade earned (or a zero if never taken) for the test. This is in effect for tests only. There are no makeup opportunities for either the quizzes or the final exam.




Help Sessions


Help is available every day from 3:30 - 4:00 PM by appointment. This is the best way to get individual help if you are having trouble in class. Extended tutoring sessions may be held Wednesdays at 7:15AM upon request. Make-up test sessions will be held from 3:30 - 4:15 pm one day per week, and will be announced in advance so you can make transportation/work arrangements. It is far better to get help as soon as you don’t understand something instead of waiting until later.



Make-UP Work (due to excused absences)


All make-up work is the responsibility of the student and must be completed in accordance with the board policy. Please see Classroom Procedures for the process of obtaining make-up work.




Grading Scale:                                                             RHS Grading


                                                                                                               A = 90 - 100


      1st nine weeks grade 42.5%                    B = 80 - 89


   2nd nine weeks grade 42.5%                    C = 74 - 79


   Comprehensive Chemistry Final 15%        D = 70 - 73


                                                                 F = 0 – 69


I use a point system for grades. All unit tests and culminating assignments are worth 100 points each. Other assignments such as journals, labs, projects, homework, quizzes, etc. will be assigned a point value based on its academic value.




Parent Notification




Parents will be notified at least four times a semester in the form of progress grades at the 4 ½ weeks and nine week grading periods. Additional notification will be on a student by student basis. Please expect these notifications of progress from the student because they will not be mailed home. Please use your Parent Portal account often to check the status of your student. Please feel free to contact me at any time about progress.




STUDENTS: I have read the class syllabus, understand it, and will honor it while in Chemistry. I have also seen and read the Catoosa County Handbook.




Signature _________________________     Date _____________     

PARENTS: My child has discussed the class syllabus with me. I understand it and will support it. I have also seen and read the Catoosa County Handbook.




Signature ___________________________________     Date _____________




TEACHERS: I will administer the content of the syllabus in a fair and consistent manner and inform students of any changes to this plan.




Signature ___________________________________     Date _____________








Thank you