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This website offers tutorials and quizzes over most topics covered in our curriculum

This site is an additional Realidades resource. It has practice activities that are not included in the textbook.

Games and activities created by teachers. This site can be used to review or enhance concepts we have learned in class.[. this is the site we also use for online practice tests and quizzes.

By searching Realidades 1 or Realidades 2, students can do flashcard and game activities for each chapter of the textbook.


Online practice quiz for Demonstrative Adjectives

chapter5A tutorial

Daily Class Activity
Live Binder

Live Binder will be used to compile vocabulary, grammar rules and practice activities.


GoogleApps is used to create documents/presentations and to share them with other students or with the teacher.

Listening Activities
Listening/Writing Activities

Listen and repeat vocabulary

Teaching Videos
Chapter 5A "Tener" video

video teaches conjugation of tener and its uses

Chapter 5A "Possessive Adjectives" Video

Conjugating AR verbs

conjugating AR verbs

Conjugating ER verbs

conjugating ER verbs

the verb SER

Understanding SER - to be

The verb IR

The conjugation and use of the verb IR

Ser and Estar

This video explains when to use Ser and when to use Estar

Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs

video briefly covers regular and irregular comparatives

Present Progressive

Estar + ando or iendo

Affirmative tu commands

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

Stem Changing Verbs

Stem changing verbs

The Preterite Tense

AR, ER, IR endings in the preterite tense

direct objects/direct object pronouns

the "a" pesonal

numbers 1-100


spanish I

Telling Time

AR verb endings

IR + a + infinitive

The Flipped Classroom
Traditional vs Flipped Classroom

Shows differences between traditional and flipped classrooms

Online textbook
Realidades 1

online textbook for spanish 1 and spanish 2

Online textbook with activities
Realidades & Activities