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World History and US History Syllabus

Lauren Meyer


Welcome! I am excited to have you in my class this semester and I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you. My goals for each student are to gain an understanding of history, understand how it impacts us today, and to hopefully have a little fun along the way. We will be covering a lot of material in a short amount of time; therefore, it is imperative you come to class prepared each day and complete all assignments whether homework or class work. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be successful.


Course Expectations

All students will be required to produce a research project and several performance tasks in order to receive credit for the course. Students will be required to keep a daily notebook, which will be graded periodically throughout the semester. The curriculum for this course will strictly follow the standards and frameworks provided by the state of Georgia. The standards and frameworks can be found at Outside reading is required, and students will be expected to know the material. Homework/class work may include, but not be limited to, written assignments, note taking, quizzes, worksheets, peer-editing teams, individual and team presentations, skits, library research, and daily reading.



How you will be graded

9 weeks grade:

50%- Test/Performance Tasks

50%- Daily Work (quizzes, homework, starters, journals, etc…)


Semester grade per board policy:

40%- 1st 9 weeks

40%- 2nd 9 weeks

20%- Final


RHS Grade Scale


80-89%= B

74-79%= C

70-73%= D

69% or below= F


Homework Policy

You will have homework assignments to complete during the semester; it is a way to practice and reinforce concepts covered in class. Homework is due at the beginning of class and I do not accept late homework unless you are absent. If you are in class, your homework should be complete. The only way to make up zeros for homework or class work is to come before/after school to re-do an assignment.


Missing assignments are simply not an option in this class.

Late assignment policies are:

-10 points off for every day it is late

-After 5 days, an assignment is no longer accepted


When you are absent from class…

Simple… make up your work! Any papers handed out will be filed away in the “Absent Work” bin along with a brief list of what was covered that day. It is your responsibility to check the bin and to turn in anything that you missed. You can also check with me, of course, but it is your responsibility. Any missed tests/quizzes will have to be made up outside of class time. Please sign up on the sheet located next to the “Absent Work” bin.


To be prepared for my class you need EVERY DAY:



3-ring binder


Classroom Expectations and Policies

-Each class will begin promptly when the bell rings. Be prepared to immediately begin starter assignment.

- You should be on time (tardy counts as not being in your seat working on the starter)

-No cell phones should be out during class unless specified by the teacher

-Follow all directions

-Obey all rules as stated in the student handbook

-Be prepared (notebook, paper, pencil, etc…)

-Respect others and their belongings

-All assignments should be turned in on time

-Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will receive an immediate ZERO on their assignment.



I have a class Remind account (text messaging service). The sign-up sheet is attached. I also have a Google Classroom. Please contact me for the Google Classroom Code. The fastest and easiest way to catch up with me is through e-mail, I check e-mail frequently each day and can usually respond within 24 hours.