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Syllabus ILPSCS 



RINGGOLD High School


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Mr. Head










COURSE TITLE: Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security




COURSE NUMBER: 43.45000                                         




COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (LPSCS) is the first class in the Law Enforcement Pathway. This course provides students with career focused educational opportunities in various LPSCS fields. It examines the basic concepts of law related to citizens’ rights and the responsibilities. The students will receive instruction in critical skill areas including communicating with diverse groups, conflict resolution, ethics, CERT, basic firefighting, report writing, terrorism, civil and criminal law. Career planning and employability skills will be emphasized




PREREQUISITES: This course is offered to current high school students. No prerequisites are mandated, but proper reading, writing, and analytical skills are desired.








1)      Investigate careers in the field of law and justice.         


2)      Students will describe the relationship between police courts and corrections.


3)      Investigate dangers associated with various Law and Justice Professions.


4)      Analyze the structure of the government and the court system.


5)      Identify Georgia criminal laws frequently used in the criminal justice system.


6)      Demonstrate the ability to accurately complete various law enforcement reports and documents.


7)      Investigate how force is used in various Law and Justice Professionals.


8)      Demonstrate proper protocol in communication, coordination, and control when approaching and arresting suspects.


9)      Demonstrate understanding of police response to both unknown and high risk traffic stops.


10)  Demonstrate understanding of traffic enforcement and investigation.


11)  Analyze conflict resolution role play.


12)  Analyze cultural differences that may have an impact on participants in the criminal justice system.


13)  Demonstrate a basic understanding of the police mission, operational strategies, and police management and styles.


14)  Investigate the role of ethics in policing.


15)  Recognize and apply Peace Officer Standards and Training standards (P.O.S.T.) as applicable to the area of study including CPR and basic first aid.


16)  Identify self defense methods, proper handcuffing techniques, participate in physical education, practical exercises, and demonstrate precautions when using force.






All students enrolled in Public Safety classes at Ringgold High School will be exposed to various public safety (Fire, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Judges, E.M.S.) professionals. The purpose is to prepare students for employment by providing them with opportunities to meet/talk with current public safety professionals.






Introduction to Criminal Justice, Bobert M. Bohm and Keith N. Haley, Seventh Edition, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Companies, 2011


Web site:






Students will be responsible for reimbursement to the school for any lost or damaged book..






Students are expected to be in class each day. Students need to be in the classroom and ready to work before the tardy bell. Students will have five (5) days from the date of returning to school to arrange for makeup work. It will be the student’s responsibility to make the arrangements.








I.          Tests/Quizzes                                                                         25%


            Written and Practical Assessments


II.        Skills                                                                                       25%


            Physical and Practical Exercises, Tactics


III.       Work Ethic/Daily Assignments                                            50%


            Student Initiative and Participation




GRADING LEGEND:                                A         90 – 100


                                                                        B         80 -   89


                                                                        C         74 -   79


                                                                        D         70 -   73


                                                                        F          0 -   69




The Final Exam will count as 15% of the student’s semester grade










1)      Classroom disruptions of any type or form will NOT be tolerated.


2)      Notebooks will be brought to class daily unless otherwise instructed.


3)      Food and drinks will NOT be allowed in the classroom.


4)      All work assigned will be completed as the result of individual effort unless otherwise instructed.


5)      Students will sit in their assigned seats and remain awake and alert at all times.


6)      Questions and participation are encouraged. However, unaccountable talking is distracting to the learning environment. If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and you will be acknowledged.




*NOTE: These classroom rules are to be followed in conjunction with the Catoosa County Board of Education policies and the policies noted in the Student Handbook.      
















Thank you for participating in what I believe is one of the most important classes offered at Ringgold High School. The topics we discuss and learn about affect our lives every day, and the issues we consider are the very foundations of our society.






“If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us”-Francis Bacon












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