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Syllabus Criminal Inv. 

Ringgold High   School

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COURSE TITLE: Criminal Investigation


COURSE NUMBER: 43.45300                                         


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore the basic processes and principles of Criminal Investigations. Students will learn the legal responsibilities and challenges of the patrol officer, investigator, and crime scene technician at a crime scene. Students will learn the importance of preserving and documenting the crime scene along with the identification, collection, and processing of evidence and the contribution to the criminal investigation. This course is one of three choices that may be selected for the Law Enforcement Pathway


PREREQUISITES: This course is offered to current high school students. No prerequisites are mandated, but proper reading, writing, and analytical skills are desired.




1)      Students will demonstrate methods of fingerprint development.

2)      Students will demonstrate an understanding of impressions evidence and how that evidence is used in a criminal investigation.

3)      Students will understand the methods involved when using the body as evidence for a criminal investigation.

4)      Students will describe the evidentiary value of the human body evidence.

5)      Students will understand how substances in the body are identified.

6)      Students will demonstrate basic interview techniques.

7)      Students will complete concise investigative reports.

8)      Students will demonstrate the ability to successfully investigate a crime scene.

9)      Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct a homicide investigation.

10)  Students will examine various approaches to explain crime.

11)  Students will demonstrate knowledge of criminal profiling as well as the role of the profiler in an investigation.



VISITING PUBLIC SAFETY PROFESSIONALS: All students enrolled in Public Safety classes at RinggoldHigh School will be exposed to various public safety (Fire, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Judges, E.M.S.) professionals. The purpose is to prepare students for employment by providing them with opportunities to meet/talk with current public safety professionals.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/SUPPLIES: Students will be required to maintain a notebook for this course. A one-inch 3-ring binder will be sufficient. Pencils (#2 lead) and blue or black ink pens are required to complete all assignments and exams. Students are required to maintain a Public Safety Journal in which each day, after watching/reading about a public safety topic, they will describe what they observed and learned.                         



Forensic Science for High School, Barbara Ball-Deslich and John Funkhouser, Second Edition, Kendall-Hunt Companies, 2009


TEXTBOOK COST: Students will be responsible for reimbursement to the school for any lost or damaged book.


CLASS SCHEDULE:                                


Unit 1                                                             Chapter 1 Test “The Initial Investigation”

Unit 2                                                              Chapter 2 Test “Direct and Circumstantial Evidence”

Unit 3                                                                         Chapter 3 Test “Rules of Evidence”

Unit 4                                                              Chapter 4 Test “Recording the Crime Scene”

Unit 5                                                              Chapter 5 Test “Laboratory and Technical Services”

Unit 6                                                              Chapter 6 Test “Basic Investigative Leads and Information”

Unit 7                                                              Chapter 7 Test “Major Investigative Techniques”

Unit 8                                                              Chapter 8 Test “Interviewing and the Detection of Deception”

Unit 9                                                              Chapter 9 Test “Interrogation of Suspects”

Unit 10                                                            Chapter 10 Test “The Arrest of the Accused Person”

Unit 11                                                            Chapter 3 Test “Crime and Its Consequences”*                   

Last week of semester                                               Final Exam


Quizzes/tests will be taken throughout the semester.

* Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbook


ATTENDANCE/MAKE-UP WORK: Students are expected to be in class each day. Students need to be in the classroom and ready to work before the tardy bell. Students will have one week from the date of returning to school to arrange for missed assignments. It will be the student’s responsibility to make the arrangements.




I.          Tests/Quizzes                                                                         25%

            Written and Practical Assessments

II.        Labs                                                                                        25%

            Physical and Practical Skills

III.       Work Ethic/Daily Assignments                                            50%

            Student Initiative and Participation


GRADING LEGEND:                                A         90 – 100

                                                                        B         80 -   89

                                                                        C         74 -   79

                                                                        D         70 -   73

                                                                        F          0 -   69


*NOTE: The Final Exam will count as 15% of the student’s semester grade.





1)      Classroom disruptions of any type or form will NOT be tolerated.

2)      Students will keep notebooks in class unless otherwise instructed.

3)      Food and drinks will NOT be allowed in the classroom.

4)      All work assigned will be completed as the result of individual effort unless otherwise instructed.

5)      Students will sit in their assigned seats and remain awake and alert at all times.

6)      Questions and participation are encouraged. However, unaccountable talking is distracting to the learning environment. If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and you will be acknowledged.


*NOTE: These classroom rules are to be followed in conjunction with the Catoosa County Board of Education policies and the policies noted in the Student Handbook.      


COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: The use of any computer network or individual workstation at Ringgold High School is a privilege that can be temporarily or permanently revoked at any time for abusive conduct. Such conduct would include placing any unlawful information on a system, the use of abusive or otherwise objectionable language or graphics in either public or private documents, or acts of sabotage that may result in the loss of computer network files and/or usage.


THANK YOU: Thank you for participating in what I believe is one of the most important classes offered at Ringgold High School. The topics we learn affect our lives every day, and the issues we consider are the very foundation of our society.


“If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us”-Francis Bacon


**Syllabus subject to change without notice as needed by instructor in order to meet the needs of the students



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