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Spencer Emous Sets the Bar High for Future NHS Officers
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Friday, March 16, 2018
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When Ms.Keith, one of the three NHS advisers, was asked, "Why put a spotlight on Spencer Emous?" She stated, “Spencer is president of National Honors Society, and he has shown great leadership. He is responsible for organizing all of the community service projects we do, he is responsible for keeping up with all of the students’ information…” She goes on to say that herself, Mrs.Gentry, and Mrs.Carr have been advisers for NHS for the past few years and that usually they are the ones who do all of the work, but this year was different, “It’s been really nice to have a student actually step up and be a leader because NHS is about leadership and integrity.” Ms. Keith explained that Spencer never misses a deadline or a meeting and has been responsible for the countless community service projects NHS has done this school year.

We asked Spencer what was his favorite part of NHS, and he told us that he enjoyed being able to organize projects, and observing the positive impacts they left behind. Spencer believes that NHS has made him become a more organized planner, and develop better communication skills which will help him exceed both in college and in the competitive, professional world. After graduating Spencer plans on earning a bachelor’s degree and gaining a career in the business-related field; eventually he hopes to get a masters degree and hold a managerial position in a company.

Is Spencer Emous the best NHS president this school has seen? Maybe, but it’s obvious next year’s seniors will have a hard time impressing Ms.Keith and her fellow advisers.

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