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Mrs. Peden Earns Accolade for Work-Based Learning Program
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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Catoosa County Partnership 2000 presented Joy Peden, Ringgold High School’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator, with a plaque for Partnership 2000 School Project of the Year. This plaque was given for the Work-Based Learning students who attended the Rising Professionals Seminar. One of the requirements for being in the Work-Based Learning Program is to attend the Rising Professional Seminar. There the students from the three high schools are divided into mixed groups to attend different sessions. Students learn about things such as soft skills, social media etiquette, resume building, money management, and job interview skills. The students leave the seminar with an abundance of information they can use now or later, in their job or at home. The students’ employers allow them to miss work on the day of the seminar so that they can participate with the other schools.

Work-Based Learning is the work release program at RHS. The students work one, two, or three blocks per day. They are given a grade for their participation in the work program, for hours worked and written assignments required by the state department. Mrs. Peden goes to each job site to make sure that the students are working, and that it’s a safe place to work. This helps build a strong work relationship with different businesses in the community.

If anyone would like more information concerning the Work-Based Learning Program please contact Joy Peden at Ringgold High School either by calling her at 706-581-1431 or .

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