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Tiger Spotlight: Mrs. Connie Coker
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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Mrs. Coker: An Integral Part of RHS

Contributed by Tyler Tharpe and Trevor Mills

Although some of us have gone to Ringgold High School for four years, we have never really gotten to appreciate the work that Mrs. Connie Coker does on a daily basis. In her time at RHS, she has been a nurse, bookkeeper, and receptionist, as well as keeping the schedule for the principals. Without the work she does, many things that keep our school running smoothly just wouldn't happen. From finding substitutes for teachers to coordinating the buses, Mrs. Coker does a little bit of everything.

When she started over forty years ago things were a lot different. When asked, “What is the biggest difference from when you started working at Ringgold High School and now?” she answered with “Technology.” Mrs. Coker said that when she first started working here it was much more difficult to locate students because they did not have Infinite Campus. She also said that the intercom was the main office’s biggest nightmare because it would not work half of the time and there were a lot of buttons that you had to push just to be able to talk into it. Communicating with teachers took a lot longer without email. Mr. Jones said “Mrs. Coker is Ringgold High School. She went to school here, worked here in the main office as a senior, and has stayed here ever since then. Mrs. Coker does not even have a job description because she does so much here.”

Ringgold has made a huge impact on Mrs. Coker’s life, but she has made an even bigger impact on Ringgold High.  Because of her dedication, RHS is not just a school, it is a family and a place we call home.


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