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Dr. Cheryl Thomasson Uses Robotics in Physics Classes
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Friday, March 03, 2017
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Contributed by Brianna Kearns

Ringgold High science teacher, Dr. Thomasson, has a plan to teach conceptual physics using Robots. She says “Physics is about motion, energy and sight. Robots can perform to demonstrate these concepts. Additionally, students can learn how to make robots move by using a special code.”  When we asked Dr. Thomasson why she chose to teach using robots her response was, “According to USA Today, by 2022 over 220,000 new software developer jobs will need to be filled with an average salary of $93,350. I want students to know about the future job market and feel empowered to go to college to get the right degree.” Now we know that some of you might ask “Well, how do they work?” In Dr. Thomasson's words:  “All robots use a coding language to perform operations. You can start out with a drag and drop program and work up to coding using text. Some of the robots we have are Scratch, mBot, Sphero and Arduino. I want students to have experience with these languages so they can make informed decisions for the future.” Using Robotics to teach physics is a new and innovative way for the students at Ringgold High School to learn.

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